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Lifetime Flooring is an Orange County flooring company that specializes in selling flooring to you directly through a special partnership with large manufactures including Mohawk, Shaw, Royalty and many others.

We offer tile, carpet, wood, vinyl, stone, laminate, countertops, showers, cabinets and window coverings.

We offer the opportunity to purchase flooring products at the same price that retailers buy. We eliminate the middleman’s profit and pass the savings on to you.

We are able to offer Orange County flooring at these deeply discounted prices because of…

  • Our buying power with Mohawk, Shaw, Royalty and all major manufacturers
  • Low overhead and expense
  • Diversity of the business channels we service
  • The ability to offer all flooring surface products

We urge you to compare our prices with Lowe's, Home Depot, or any other company known for low or value pricing…

  • We listen to your specific needs
  • We serve as an information resource to guide your decisions
  • We offer the latest in flooring products
  • Our word is good. We stand behind our products and service. We have been in the Orange County, CA flooring market for over 15 years!
  • We're reliable, on-time, and courteous
  • We let you make buying decisions in the comfort of your own home
  • We make a variety of payment options available for you
  • We want to be your flooring partner for life

By offering an unbelievably priced collection of quality discount flooring, Lifetime Flooring has become a leading supplier of flooring products in Southern California.

We present beautiful hardwood in a full range of domestic and exotic species, as well as a full line of attractive laminate products. Our vinyl products are versatile and durable, with striking impressions of wood, natural stone, and ceramic tile. Commercial and residential carpets cover all price points in a wide range of styles to fit any decor. If you prefer tile, the porcelain and ceramic collection creates a world of opportunity with our floor/wall combinations. Our natural stone products are among the most popular in residential replacement design.

For all your Orange County flooring needs, there's only one company to call! (949) 429-5817

Lifetime Flooring, "We have you covered!"

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Hardwood Flooring – Instant Elegance for Your Home

Hardwood flooring is undeniably one of the premier ways to enhance the elegance of your home. Hardwood flooring adds a touch of class to any home regardless of origin, but of all the hardwood floors, oak occupies the pride of place. Wide plank hardwood flooring in oak, maple, and many other species, bring uniquely warm ambiance to an interior and create a finished interior that makes a statement of decorative finesse.

Once upon a time, hardwood flooring was the rule, not the exception. Above a certain age, most of us can remember sliding on stocking feet down newly waxed corridors or sitting on our parent's hardwood floors playing board games. As time went by, new surface—often cheaper, lower maintenance, or perceived "more modern"—replaced traditional hardwood floors. Linoleum, ceramic tile, and the ubiquitous wall-to-wall carpeting took the place of the noble flooring that warmed our homes.

All hardwood flooring comes in several grades and variations. After making your initial choice to go with hardward flooring, you will have a choice between hardwood flooring that ranges from standardized grades: clear, select, common, and common 2. The main distinction among the grades is the amount of variations and manufacturing imperfections found in any particular hardwood floor grade. Clear hardwood is the grade with the fewest imperfections and is usually cut from the heartwood. Common hardwood 2 will have the most imperfections "knots, variations and tone" of all the grades. The price of the flooring will be highest for clear hardwood, ranging down through the grades. This does not necessarily mean clear oak is "the best" for you. Individual tastes come into play, as well as economics. One home owner may prefer a blemish-free clear hardwood floors, while another may be more charmed by rustic hardwood flooring with all its markings and variations. There is also a choice to be made among a large variety of solid flooring, engineered flooring, and laminate flooring options.

Whatever grade or color you choose, the decision to add the warmth and depth of real hardwood flooring to your home is one that will both add value and elegance to your surroundings. Hardwood floors are a time-honored tradition for a reason: their naturally warm tones, durability, and harmonizing aesthetics bring beauty into any decorating scheme. Hardwood floors under your feet satisfy with a solid, earthy connection to both nature and history that your family can enjoy for the life of your home.

Hardwood Flooring – A Comparison of Solid Wood and Engineered Flooring


One of the first choices you will have to consider in buying a hardwood floor is whether you are going to choose a solid hardwood product or a laminate product. Laminate is also known as engineered flooring and uses real wood on top of another material, usually plywood. Hardwood, or solid, as the name implies, is made of only one type of material. Laminate can also refer to other products made of plastic, but that will not be addressed in this article.

Engineered floors

Generally, engineered products offer the same variety that you can find in solid products. Engineered floors can be installed in a variety of ways, including free floating, glued down, and stapled or nailed down.

Engineered floors tend to remain more stable and flat in conditions where heavy moisture is present. Changes in climatic conditions cause all floors to expand and contract, but engineered floors are more resistant to the influences of moist air. This kind of floor is the floor of choice for any basement or sub-grade installation and may also be a better choice for tropical locations that are subject to extreme humidity, or in areas where there are extreme fluctuations in temperature.

Laminate floors are somewhat thinner than solid wood planks and may be a better choice for installations over an existing floor. Door clearances and transitions from one room to another with and without a wood floor are kept to a minimum.

Solid Hardwoods

Engineered floors enjoy many advantages over solid hardwood floors, especially in Southern California, but there are also many good reasons to install for the hardwood flooring.

Solid wood floors have a certain feel to them that other floors cannot match. There is something almost indefinable, but still very much present, in the sound and the feeling of walking on a hardwood floor.

There is a broad selection of styles and colors that solid hardwood flooring offers, as well as a wide range of species, cuts, and finishes.

Solid wood floors also have a long lifetime that adds value to a home. While laminates are excellent floors, the psychological appeal of a solid hardwood floor is hard to deny. Hardwood floors are associated with tradition, elegance and endurance—"The Mighty Oak" and other floors have similar connotations—the richness of walnut or the warm and rare cherry.

Finally, there is no doubt that the solid hardwood floor is an enduring addition to any home. One only has to visit homes hundreds of years old to witness firsthand the sturdy and ever-lasting quality of a solid plank floor. Solid hardwood floors work great in areas above grade (second floor or raised wood foundations).

Get that Smooth Finish with Commercial Hardwood Flooring

Wood is one such scintillating flooring material that looks magnificent, whether it is about glorifying your home or commercial complex. The preference for commercial hardwood flooring over other forms is because wood is a natural product that lends an environmentally-friendly touch to your interiors. Another advantage of using this form of flooring is that it is easier to maintain and requires only wax or simple chemicals to clean. In fact, it has the tendency of staying relatively spotless. Moreover, it is a safe choice for those people who might have allergies from other flooring options, like carpet or rugs. Wooden flooring has a sense of grace in it that makes it one of the most selected pieces of flooring.

Commercial hardwood flooring absolutely lends elegance and exquisiteness to any commercial area. The trendy look of a hardwood floor can add warmness and appeal to a business area, be it a lobby, main dining hall, or even a health club. The innate grains and colors of wood give a visual appeal that many other forms of flooring styles are not able to do. It is the trend of having classy home decor that has increased the demand for designer flooring forms with a fashionable touch. As the market begins to be flooded with mind-boggling flooring designs, homeowners are able to select the most appropriate option after investigating numerous designs of flooring. The type of stones, different variety of tiles, and the greener versions of wood flooring are some of the products that are available in this category.

For so many centuries, commercial hardwood flooring has continued as one of the most esteemed flooring preferences among the homeowners. When you are redesigning your home in a classic and rustic style, you will definitely appreciate the splendor and grace of hardwood flooring. In fact, everyone will respect the classiness, remarkable attitude, and spectacle that is associated with wooden style floorings. Hardwood flooring has the ability to reproduce nature's variety with its sensational range of colors, textures, and patterns, but it's not just the attractiveness. Commercial hardwood flooring is a rare combination of pragmatism, toughness, and aestheticism. Wood flooring is one of the most prevalent flooring choices.

Commercial hardwood flooring is available in numerous colors, styles, and designs. This makes it easier for people to buy according to their own taste. After all, it is an essential factor that the flooring needs suit the style preferences and temperament of the person that is designing the flooring in their home or commercial complex. It is always better to go for the company that can provide you with excellent varieties of commercial hardwood flooring. Along with this, it is necessary to know that its installation also requires the perfection that can only be done through an expert company, such as Lifetime Flooring.

Commercial hardwood flooring is one such material in flooring technology that deals with elegance and lends magnificence to the entire interior designing format.

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